System di Rosati, with over 50 years of experience, is a leader in being able to design and produce customised products for specific applications at the customer’s request.

Physical and technical parameters such as size, strength, type of power supply, factors affecting working conditions, operating temperature and humidity parameters, operating times and frequency can be customised.


“Quality”, which has always been a firm and unwavering point in the company policy of System di Rosati, is guaranteed by the careful choice of raw materials, the application of European Directives concerning compliance with construction and electrical safety standards (CE marking), and the final testing to which each individual product is subjected before delivery to the customer.


Initially, we take care of fulfilling the requests received in a provisional graphic design and data sheet.
Following this, the technicians of System di Rosati, using their significant design skills and state-of-the-art machinery, develop the sample.
The manufactured product will be subjected to every test to verify its compliance with the customer’s request, certification tests and a rigorous final inspection.

Finally, once the sample has been accepted by the customer, the final design with CAD drawing and serial production of the product will be realised.

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