Holding electromagnets can be with or without a permanent magnet, have a high holding force and act by contact on ferrous metal elements.

Holding electromagnet type CT

elettromagneti di tenuta

Holding electromagnet type CT has a high holding force and acts by contact on ferrous metal elements. Exerting an attractive force when energised, the electric current passing through the coil generates an electromagnetic field that allows it to hold components of ferromagnetic material. When the power supply is disconnected, the attracted object is released. It is applied in a variety of industries, for example in material handling and transport, in some security systems and as a door stop for fire doors.
Can be used for continuous ED duty=100%.

  • Power supply = 12 – 24Vdc – other
  • Only for holding or centesimal movements
  • ED% duty = 100
  • Single coil
  • High holding forces
  • ENCAPSULATED version – IP67
  • Dimensions (diameter) = 35 – 45 – 55 – 65 – 95


Holding electromagnet type CTMP

Holding electromagnet with permanent magnet type CTMP exerts an attractive force when not energised. The attraction force is in fact generated by the integrated permanent magnet and the release is achieved by powering the electromagnet, which generates an electromagnetic field of reverse polarity. This electromagnet is therefore energy-efficient because it only consumes electricity for a brief moment when the ferromagnetic material is released.

  • Power supply = 24Vdc
  • Power for release
  • Power for withholding
  • ED% duty = intermittent
  • Single coil
  • High holding force
  • Dimensions (diameter) = 35 – 45