The rotating electromagnets are single-coil with a maximum rotating movement of 45°.
Assembled on two bearings they allow a high frequency of rotation, in 100% continuous duty (also for intermittent duty on request), and are characterised by a long service life and extremely small footprint.
These types of electromagnets are used in a variety of sectors, the main one being the agri-food sector where they are most commonly used on fruit sorting machines

We can offer you standard products with a variety of features, and we also specialise in developing customised solutions at the customer’s request.

Rotating electromagnet type CR

elettromagnete rotante cr42g 3

Rotating electromagnet type CR with single coil with 45° max. rotation angle, high rotation frequency max. 20 Hz. This high-frequency rotating electromagnet can be used for continuous ED duty=100% or for customised duty cycles.

  • Power supply = 12 – 24Vdc – other
  • Rotating with max 45° angle
  • ED% duty = intermittent
  • Single coil
  • High rotation frequency max 20Hz
  • Shaft mounted on bearings
  • Dimensions (diameter) = 35 – 42 – 50 – 60
  • ENCAPSULATED version (IP67) upon request