Bistable electromagnets have built-in permanent magnets and are suitable for safety systems that require operation independently of the power supply, as they maintain their position without voltage, making them ideal for battery operation or continuous duty applications.
They are mainly used in robotics, parcel collection points, high security locks, automation systems in general where fast and stable drives are required.

Bistable electromagnets type DEMP32

Elettromagneti bistabili

Bistable electromagnet type Demp 32 is available in small to large sizes with variable voltage capability. Numerous customisations can be applied: movable core, mounting, spring and cable length.

  • Power supply = 12 – 24Vdc – other
  • Pull/push electrical coils duty cycle = 30 m/sec
  • Double holding without energising
  • Double holding force with energised coils = 28 N
  • Double holding force without energised coils = 28 N
  • Max stroke = 8 mm Dimensions = 32