Vibrating electromagnets are powered by alternating current and are used in many industrial processes where vibration is required. They are mainly used in packaging machines, agricultural machines (seeders), weighing, counting and positioning of parts. They can also be powered by direct current and behave like permanent magnets, but can regulate the force or cancel it after its electrical disconnection.

Vibrating electromagnet type CV

Elettromagneti vibranti

Vibrating electromagnet type CV produces vibrations with a frequency of 50 Hz and can be used as a vibration drive and as a stirring electromagnet.

  • Power supply = 230 Vac
  • Cycle frequency = 50 Hz
  • ED% duty = 100
  • Max excursion = 6 mm
  • Operating temperature at 20° C = 75° C
  • Dimensions (diameter) = 82.5